About Us

“The Tartufeltro” company deals with the harvesting and the trade of fresh and preserved truffles. It is located in the Montefeltro, a beautiful Italian geographical area between Marche and Tuscany predominantly hilly and mountainous crossed by green and wooded valleys that is a natural and ideal habitat for the precious tuber growth.The company was founded in 2006 when Mattia and Massimo (the two company owners) decided to make their passion for truffle hunting into a real job. Their passion and their deep knowledge of the truffle world distinguish them from others. We managed to bring together passion, tradition and the roots of an area within our business.

Our philosophy

We managed to bring together passion, tradition and the roots of an area within our business

Our Mission

“The Tartufeltro” deals exclusively with truffles from surrounding areas, we only purchase from trusted truffle hunters and we personally select products. This way we can guarantee our customers the excellent quality of the product and a significant supply at competitive prices.

We handle all kinds of truffles. The quality of our white truffle makes it our flagship product.
We take care of every detail of the sale, so that the aroma and flavor of truffles is always preserved in the best way. We ship in glass or polystyrene containers, hermetically sealed with the proper refrigerant to maintain the best quality of the product during transport.


Massimo Bonopera - Il Tartufeltro, Tartufi del Montefeltro di alta qualità

Massimo Bonopera


E-mail: massimo@tartufeltro.it

Dog lover and connoisseur (o expert) of the world of truffles, He deals with the resale of selected truffles  to ensure maximum quality.

Mattia Biagini - Il Tartufeltro, Tartufi del Montefeltro di alta qualità

Mattia Biagini


E-mail: mattia@tartufeltro.it

Truffle enthusiasts seekers from an early age, He is engaged in the purchase only from the best truffle sellers of the Montefeltro area, and he establishes with them a lasting relationship of trust.

We are different. Our strengths

Quality price

As our company is located in a very favorable area for growth of truffles, we always manage to get a competitive price


We guarantee prompt service and quality both for Italy that abroad. Our staff will follow you step by step from the order to the delivery.

Young staff

Our staff consists of 6 people, from the foreign office to the chef. We can meet all your needs.

Careful selection

We provide you with our knowledge of the truffles 360 ° … .from farm to fork.

High quality

We collect truffles from our local quarrymen to ensure maximum freshness and quality, especially for the white truffle that is incomparable.


Frozen Berries

For gourmands The Tartufeltro offers a wide range of berries.

Frozen mushrooms

Our company provides high quality frozen mushrooms.

Fresh Mushrooms

The Tartufeltro is not only truffles. From April to September we distribute/ provide the most delicious mushrooms of the forest.

Truffle Products

To never renounce this precious treasure of the earth, The Tartufeltro proposes truffle sauces and creams to enhance the flavor in all seasons.

Frozen Truffles

When it’s not time to extract or harvest you will find an excellent truffle that we frozen in the best period of maturation.

Fresh Truffles

The Tartufeltro company sells fresh truffles all year round. Depending on the period you will find the best seasonal truffles.