The Montefeltro Truffles

Il Tartufeltro’s Truffles

The Tartufeltro is headquartered in the Montefeltro, an area between Marche and Tuscany that is mostly hilly and mountainous and it is crossed by green valleys. This is a natural habitat and ideal for the growth of a precious and aromatic tuber: the truffle. The Tartufeltro brings on your table fresh truffles, collected every day directly by truffle hunters of our confidence, ensuring the highest quality product.

The truffle processing

Out of the truffle harvest time, Tartufeltro will provide a wide range of preserved truffle products such as sauces, creams and other specialties. Thanks to modern conservation techniques the product retains all its original quality, without losing any of the truffle excellent features.


Montefeltro Truffles

To never have to do without this precious treasure of the earth you can find our line of truffles carefully selected to guarantee excellence on your table and for your palate. Our products are inspired by ancient recipes handed down from father to son, where the truffle is mixed with nature and tradition creating the delicacies that can lead you on a culinary journey in our magnificent territory.

Fresh Truffles

Fresh Truffles

White Truffles
Bianchetto Truffles
Black Truffles

I prodotti del Tartufeltro

Truffle products

Sauces, oils, sauces, minced, sliced, cream, cheese


Porcini fresh mushrooms
Frozen Porcini

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Montefeltro is a territory of Europe (Italy, the province of Pesaro and Urbino) that presents very relevant environmental, historical and cultural characteristics. It ‘a predominantly hilly and mountainous geographic area crossed by green and wooded valleys where agriculture, forestry, handicraft also artistic, the small and medium industries and tourism coexist in an atmosphere of rare beauty.